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Is that fair to Jacob Coker when I am breaking down the quarterback position? The worst arguments I ever see are from people who carry their fandom to other-worldly levels.

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It happens in the media all the time. Go find a reporter, journalist or blogger who follows a specific team or conference. What is the first thing you notice? He or she is too emotionally invested in the teams that they cover. What seems like ages ago, I once wrote an article about preseason college basketball rankings being as relevant as a clown dunking a basketball.

Sure, it is neat.

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But the importance of a top coming out the day after the season ends makes no sense. Media members do not know who is going to declare early entry for the draft, who is going to transfer, which coaches are going to move around, etc. I used a few teams as examples. Michigan State, Kentucky and Duke. I pointed out the obvious — remember, this was a day after the season ended — that all teams have players who may or may not declare early entry.

There was no way to know if Michigan State was actually the potential third best team in the nation until their players made decisions. What happened? A person who covered solely Michigan sports went nuts on me. Let me know — while lacking politeness — he disagreed and that my premise was bogus. That is an example of fandom gone wrong. To see I used several teams as examples, but also pointed out that they were all in a position to live up to those rankings.

The article was about the unnecessary need for preseason rankings one day after the season was done. All of that is part of the fandom problem. Some people want their fandom to be known. Which is awesome. It also ruins their credibility as far as critiques go. It is a price that person is going to pay for their level of fandom. It is up to each to decide what is more important: Their opinions or their fandom.


Neither of which are the wrong answer. Fandom is also an issue facing this very site. My plans for ChopChat itself has short and long-term goals. In the short-term, I want to build our own database of player profiles, stats and things like that for us to fall back on when talking about news that breaks, or games, or strategies.

It has, so far, proven to be a long and tedious process.

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One that I take very seriously. That takes time watching games, reading scouting reports and even relying on second-hand accounts. For those who have been with us since the relaunch two weeks ago, they have probably noticed we have been doing mostly those player profiles. They are waiting for actual columns to be written and news to be broken. Those folks need not worry, they are coming. The long-term plan is to build a community for Florida State fans.

Where smart, insightful pieces are available to the reader, but written in an objective manner.

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Where FSU fans can have their fandom hulk-up or get out of control. The plan is for ChopChat to be a safe haven for Florida State fans, yes, but not at the expense of honest candor.

See a Problem?

Not for the author to be waving their fandom in the air like a flag and lose their objectivity. So far, so good.

I have also, however, been accused of not showing my Florida State fandom enough. To that I say that I am not supposed to. My goal is to bring you FSU related things — albeit, from my point of view — and for you to do with it what you please. At the end of the day I enjoy fandom. So do you.

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To whatever extent your fandom extends is up to you. Watch all the NFL games you can? If you are between seasons and missing your favorite sport, there is an …. For baseball fans everywhere, the long wait for the season to start can seem interminable, but we have the perfect way to fill in the time …. Boxing is a great sport, not only to watch but to take part in as well. Not only does it help you get fit, but it also gives you ….

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Be thankful for your good health and, as a fan, for the fact that we have a team with stable ownership to root for this weekend. That is …. The Mavericks have always sported uniforms that were among the best in the league, in terms of color scheme, and also look as a whole —both …. As winter decides to arrive just in time for holiday travel, the Minnesota Wild wrap up their 3rd game in 4 nights with a match up …. Combate Americas returned to Fresno last weekend, and Stephanie Frausto was the top earner.

Miami vs. Florida State Condensed Game - ACC Football (2019-20)

Here are the fighter payouts, …. Thanks to all who participated this past week! Recent News.