BEHIND THE STORY: Interviews From 20 Self-Published Authors Who Made it BIG

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Then compare that to the ascent stage of the lunar module, which is all you needed to get off the moon; it was this little box. The original plan was to bring the hydrogen with you, and for every kilogram of hydrogen you bring you can make 13 kilograms of rocket fuel. Now you just need rovers and machinery to harvest water out of the soil, and you can literally send a device to Mars that can make its rocket fuel with nothing.

Which is really exciting! He uses it as a navigation aid, and it is the easiest way to get from this point to that point.

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They had it down to their four final options. One of them was Mawrth Vallis, and it was like, oh crap! Actually no, because I really liked all the stuff Mark had to do to make water; I think that was really good in the story.

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  • So I would just say, oh Acidalia Planitia is where Mark is, which is actually a desert. What do you think about the recent observation of methane bursts in the Martian atmosphere? It makes you dare to dream, because there are two things that create methane on a planet. One of them is geological activity and the other one is life.

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    The thing is, methane breaks down very quickly in the atmosphere, especially on a planet like Mars that has no magnetosphere to deflect ionizing radiation. Solar radiation comes in in various forms and smacks the methane and the methane breaks down into smaller molecules. The question is, Mars is geologically dead, it has no plate tectonics, it does not move anymore.

    So if you have a bunch of methane in the atmosphere, how did it get there? It takes place maybe 20 years from now. Bear in mind, at the height of the Cold War we cooperated with the Russians on space stuff.

    Maybe observation of thousands of years of history. When somebody gets lost hiking in the woods, people go out looking for them. Yes, yes. I actually spent months working up a pitch for another book that was going to be technically very accurate. Thrillers with heart are the kind of books she found herself writing, so it made sense to put that front and center for the kind of reader who would enjoy her books. You could say that her positioning comes ahem from the heart.

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    • Could that give you the basis of a remarkable brand? But have you ever considered mailing hundreds of your physical products out to strangers, for free? The publisher refused to participate, so CJ bought copies of the book and paid all the postage herself. It was expensive and hard work, but as CJ told me,. And real generosity is more than a marketing strategy.

      I began writing thrillers as a way to cope with the pain of losing a close friend who was murdered. So now that my readers have helped me build such a successful career, I wanted to give something back. The Buy a Book, Make a Difference project provides money to charity as well as scholarships for police officers to receive forensic training. Be generous in sharing valuable ideas online mailing free products is optional.

      Some online entrepreneurs, used to charging a healthy price for digital products, look at the low price of ebooks on Amazon and shudder. What both of these groups fail to appreciate is the strategic function of pricing in a high-volume dynamic marketplace such as the Amazon book store. I have to give Mark and Brian and their Creative Entrepreneur Roadmap course credit for giving me the courage to try this and several other initiatives like giving away 50, free ebooks!

      Once I got over my ego being tied to the price of my books and realized that my readers were far more valuable, I began to make every business decision with my readers in mind. My new mantra when faced with a dilemma is: Will this make my readers excited and delighted and ready to jump for joy? As Seth Godin puts it:.

      Not margin, but volume. In fact, CJ had been doing this something for years … earning the trust of her readers, asking for permission to stay in touch via email, and sending them valuable content over time like those books in the mail. The massive dent CJ made in the best seller lists came from a smart combination of an irresistible offer and a well-timed call to action to legions of eager fans. She was only able to do this because she had spent years focusing on the big picture, building her permission asset through hard work and generosity.

      In her case, overnight success was anything but. Never forget that these people are the future of your business, and treat them accordingly. CJ was not satisfied with one big hit, nor even a string of them — she has kept up her remarkable rate of production, expanding her book range vertically, by writing series of books, and horizontally, by writing different types of books and creating other products. She also teaches what she has learned on her journey, in courses and blog posts via her NoRulesJustWrite site.

      In one sense, this is down to the natural enthusiasm of a creative person who loves her work and likes exploring new avenues. One of the things that helped CJ accelerate her success was taking a course called the Creative Entrepreneur Roadmap …. Mark was a little shy about highlighting the fact that C. Mark McGuinness is a poet who has been coaching creative professionals for 20 years.

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      He teaches the free creative career course The Creative Pathfinder. I have a unique life and that gives me a unique opportunity to differentiate myself even in a crowded marketplace. I must put it the work that is necessary to achieve success. Instead I am actually oiling the wheels of my success.

      How to Write an Ebook Like a Pro (Hint: Don’t Do These Amatuerish Things)

      It has to be an part of an overall marketing strategy. I could price my entry stuff very low so they can have a taste of me. When I deliver top value and distinguish my business, I can sell them something a lot more expensive, for example, and NOT put them off. Build a list.

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      I learned it the hard way. For me this means I just have to get more value from each happy customer. Turn them into raving fans, fine. However, I should do my best to sell more of what they need.

      Interview with Sarah J. Maas

      I should turn them into my sales force. In short, leverage the goodwill to build even more goodwill and generate more business. Really think something different that will make you standoff from the crowd. I have started a blog in and shut down it in 6 months. Now I have started a blog in which I will fetch videos from worlds top brands YouTube channels in realtime. I was seeing success day by day via Google analytics.

      Everybody starting out there is thinking they will get rich quickly. If you want to earn you have to work hard. This is what she has achieved.

      5 Things This Self-Published Author Did to Sell Over 20,000 Books With Almost No Money

      Man I love this! Just gotta schedule the time to work on it. Man I enjoyed reading this article. It came at the perfect and I feel more motivated than ever to continue growing my list for the release of my book next year. No matter how busy i am, there is no excuse. Just like you said, if an ER doctor can find the time to write her book and do all the marketing her self, then I most certainly can!

      You did a real great job of writing this article Mark, very informative, motivational, and the quotes really set it off! Thanks Maurice, glad you liked it. Any questions about the Roadmap, fire away! Hi everyone! A few folks wrote me after reading this to ask about the course. For those of you pressed for time, give up ONE hour of TV a night and use that hour to write a single page, in a year you will have a full length novel. For shorter non-fiction books, you could probably have four done in a year, just by scheduling writing time instead of an hour of TV….

      CJ having such a huge fangirl moment, being here! All good, TY so much! Bookmarked, shared, and now on to practicing it. And perhaps exploring your thrillers with heart. But allow me to take issue with a few matters. First, you define making money, and therefore success, as selling at least a million e-book copies in the last five years.

      Few of the writers and editors I know would. No, better make that more likely none of them. Second, you assume writers do what they do in order to get rich.