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The injuries that Boehm can create through the use of makeup and prosthetics reproduces what Soldiers might encounter in the field. Boehm is still heavily involved in this form of moulage, and has participated in many simulations on APG. Since , he has also used his skills to generate scares as well.

Boehm started volunteering at Legends of the Fog with his two children, who were eager to act at the attraction. After setting up his supplies, he starts working on the most challenging faces at about 5 p. This includes applying multiple layers of makeup to bring the undead to life. Those layers can include veining, a buildup of rotting flesh, the creation of eye bags, red irritation, and airbrushing paints for that perfect zombie color. Boehm is also skilled in producing prosthetics for his customers. On a recent night at Legends, Boehm and his daughter were working side by side to get the cast ready, while his son has worked with him on zombie runs around the country.

Basically, it's just freakin' funny, and a totally different thing. Glad I saw it, it's the kind of thing that might be too unique and cool for the Studios. Their loss I just love new talent and new movie ideas. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the London Film Festival with friends to see this and a couple of other movies. I wasn't particularly interested in the theme of this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it funny, silly and fun unlike any other I have seen. I especially was taken with the lead actress, Julianna Robinson. How can anyone that beautiful, be so funny?

I get the feeling she has a secret hidden behind that angelic face. Lots of talent budding in the cast. I'm certainly no expert when it comes to movie making, but personally I would say this team has talent and creativity just bursting at the seams. More, more!!! Now, this is one of the very few films I have seen that is only lacking one thing: a bigger budget. Starting from a brilliant idea the Kohnens have developed a smartly silly script and translated this into a nicely paced movie. There are a few lengths but the script manages to cover them nicely while keeping the overall tone of the movie intact.

I only wished the filmmakers had had a little more budget for some of the special effects or potential effects , I'm sure we would have gotten something on the level of Jackson's 'Dead Alive', or at least 'Bad Taste' Zombies don't run! ElijahCSkuggs 19 March In any sub-genre of films, the zombie genre gets as much flack, or more, than any other sub-genre. At times it feels like these film-makers really are running out of ideas. But every once in a while you're given a breath of fresh air in a seemingly moldy genre.

As with Colin , what we have here is a flick that easily exceeded any expectations I had of it. The only expectations I had were that I hoped it wouldn't suck. And it most definitely did not. Wasting Away is a zomedy Is that frowned on? I'm gonna go with zomedy for now Or maybe I'll just switch it up and use all three. Yeah, that's what's gonna do down. So Wasting Away is a low-budget combie that in my opinion delivered a pretty damn satisfying flick. To get a bit more specific the military, after failing with a super-soldier experiment attempted to dispose of this glowing green formula.

Of course, along the way the truck on route to dispose of the stuff crashes and some of this toxic waste stuff gets into a carton of milk that one of our lead characters dumps into his soft-serve beer flavored ice-cream machine. And poof, after a little taste taste they're now, oblivious to them, zombies.

Wasting Away is a zomedy that had a great idea at it's core. Throughout most of the running time our characters have no idea they are zombies, and this leads to some genuine comedic moments.

Army of the Dead by Brian Bara - Screenplay - Screenwriter Community

You're given perspectives from their point of view shot in color , and perspectives from the non-infected point of view in black and white , and this is where the movie thrives. As they walk around thinking they're acting totally normal, the style will switch to black and white, and a normal dude taking a whiz behind a dumpster will look up and see a bunch of zombies shuffling towards him. Then it'll switch back to their perspective again as they're walking normally to the guy taking a whiz, and they're trying to ask him a question.

Again, switch back to the guy taking a whiz, and it just appears to be zombies making zombie gestures. May not sound that funny or fresh, but it totally is. Out of the five main characters, there are only two with any above average acting chops, but with a decent script, it wasn't that big of an issue for me. Unfortunately the flick is also full of bullet sized plot-holes.

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They're the type of plot-holes you could fill with a silly and dumb idea, but they're there nonetheless, and they do make you roll your eyes, but overall they weren't that annoying. Without a doubt my biggest issue, surprisingly enough, relates to their unique back and forth perspective. I really enjoyed this aspect to the film, but it was no way used enough, and at times not used correctly. The point of using this was to create silly scenes of these zombies doing human activities. But they only truly capitalized on this a couple of times, when they had numerous occasions to do so.

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Why wasn't there a switch during the bowling scene? Why wasn't there a switch when the kid was trying to talk to the parents? Why didn't they show them talking to any drunk people? I can go on and on with missed opportunities. But I suppose they did a good enough job there, as we did see zombies celebrating, making out, and even attempting to serve food in a inconspicuous manner.

And I can only gather that it was either budget reasons, or just poor editing room decisions to why there wasn't more zombie silliness.

Jeez, I'm doing some rambling here. So let's wrap this bad boy up shall we?

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Wasting Away is without a doubt a moan of fresh zombie breath in a sub-genre that feels like it's becoming zombified. This is one combie that delivered much more than I thought it would, and also, now this is the make or break moment for my comment The idea behind this movie is simply put amazing, and it was really nice to see a new approach to the zombie genre.

The story in itself, is fairly mediocre, having a group of teenagers turning into the living dead by ingesting some chemical compound. I will not go into further details here, as to not spoil the movie. And then you see the world from their point of view, being zombies now. The world is different and people react to the teens oddly now at least in their eyes. Yeah, zombies are slow moving creatures, if you are fan of Romero's zombies, and these zombies are slow as well, but they perceive the world around them as if the living are running around in double speed.

Great idea, new idea, but it didn't work out too well in practical use. The result was a bit too childishly comical, which I didn't really enjoy.

The movie takes you on an exciting ride at a good pace, and there are few dull moments in the movie. It is nice to see parts of the movie from both the living and the zombie's point of view. As for the acting, well I think the people they had in the movie actually did good jobs, despite it being people that I was mostly unfamiliar with.

And I think only a handful of the known celebrity faces would have been able to carry this movie without it having to turn into a major money-turning machine. If you are a fan of zombie movies, then you should definitely add "Wasting Away" to your DVD collection, because it brings a sharp edge and a new approach to the genre of the living dead. Coventry 19 April I often wonder how far horror-crazed directors can and will go exploiting the concept of zombie comedies even further.

The living dead haven't appeared in a genuinely scary movie since many years. The days of George A.


Romero's original zombie trilogy are long over and nail-biting suspense has gradually turned into absurd comedy and grotesque splatter. The majority of zombie comedies are pretty lame, with some notably exceptions like "Shaun of the Dead" and "Fido", and practically none of them comes up with original ideas or creative new formulas. The movie shows life from the perspectives of the zombies themselves.

The Return of the Living Dead (9/10) Movie CLIP - Why Do You Eat People? (1985) HD

They assume they look and behave completely normal, but in fact they are disorientated and steadily rotting cadavers. This concept indeed sounds silly and even more implausible as regular zombie action, but it's undeniably innovative and particularly Kohnen's illustration of the world through zombie eyes is extremely ingenious. From their viewpoints the normal and still uninfected people are hectic and incomprehensibly muttering beings.

Four twenty-something friends with absolutely nothing better to do than hang around in a fast food restaurant become infected when they mix ice cream with a gooey green fluid from a barrel that lay at the entrance. The fluid obviously is a military experiment gone wrong and the foursome undergoes a vivid metamorphosis.