La fortune des Rougon (French Edition)

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La Fortune des Rougon (French Edition)

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La Fortune des Rougon

Two studied law, the other medicine. They complained that they had been educated above their station.

He looked towards Paris for his fortune. In January he moved to Paris sensing that something was about to happen. Aristide was sly and had a taste for petty intrigue. He was without scruples and wanted to become rich fast. He lived off his parents when he returned from Paris. He lent Pierre the dowry and used it to keep Pierre in his debt for four years. When Pierre repaid his debt Aristide and family moved out. Pascal was the black sheep of the family.

He set himself up as a doctor in Plassans after his studies and he enjoyed the life of the provinces.

Plot Summary: ‘The Fortune of the Rougons’ « The Books of Émile Zola

He studied natural history in his spare time. He had few patients but only the poor would go to him. He was unmarried and he was oblivious of the coming events in Paris.

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They rented an apartment, consisting of three rooms. They still dreamt of being rich. Pierre had grown portly and looked wealthy. The Revolution of found all the Rougons on the lookout, frustrated by their bad luck, and ready to use any means necessary to advance their cause. They were a family of bandits lying in wait, ready to plunder and steal. Plassans was essentially conservative and few predicted the coming Empire of Louis-Napoleon. Marquis de Carnavant used to visit the Rougons and was an enthusiastic Royalist supporter. The reactionary meetings started to take place at the Rougons.

Others that turned up at the meetings included M.

Plot Summary: ‘The Fortune of the Rougons’

Isidore Granoux, an almond dealer; M. Vuillet, a bookseller and producer of a bi-weekly newspaper. Rougon became the public leader of the group. Vuillet was suspicious of his presence. Pierre ended up revealing to her their plan of him becoming the receiver of taxes.

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  • News reaches the group about Louis-Napoleon sending troops to Rome to snuff out the recently created Republic. On 10th December Louis-Napoleon was voted in as President. The group broadly supported him, especially Pierre. By the following year the Rougon group had gained popularity as people tired of the Republic. It was now the beginning of January She even managed to get Pascal to attend some meetings. The Rougon group were now all on the side of the Empire and Sicardot had arms ready.

    However Pierre did not speak to her about it. On 3rd December the news was officially announced. The mayor and the clergy came out in support of the Empire as it was opposed to their enemy, the Republicans. The democratic sub-prefect resigned and left Plassans. Aristide wrote an article attacking the coup although he visited the Rougons, intrigued with what they were plotting. Aristide now had to wait to see who would emerge as victors. In the next few days revolts occurred in surrounding towns. As the Rougon group met, news reached them that insurgents were on their way.

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    Many left to hide; the commander left to join the his men. It was agreed that Pierre would stay behind armed with fifty men. After the commander left the rest decided to lay low until it had all blown over. Antoine Macquart half-brother of Pierre moved to Plassans after the fall of Napoleon. He was idle and drunk and despised anyone that worked for a living. He was furious when he found out that Pierre had taken his inheritance.

    He went around town telling people how his brother had robbed him of his money.

    Une retraversée des Rougon-Macquart : 2 — Plassans palimpseste

    Antoine learnt how to plait baskets and hampers so he could earn some money. After ten years of this he was fed up with working. She worked tirelessly whilst he idled away his time. When they drank they would fight. Gervaise was conceived when they were drunk; she was tall and lanky and had a limp. Jean was dull but liked to study. Lisa worked as a maid and moved to Paris in with her employer. Antoine supported the Republic as a way to get his revenge on society and the Rougons.

    Once the Rougons were trying to establish their position among the reactionaries Antoine was a source of embarrasment to them. Antoine, of course, enjoyed causing them embarrasment.

    La Fortune des Rougon-Macquart

    He even threatened to publish the story of how Pierre had robbed his mother. Antoine tried to find accomplices in his attacks on the Rougons. Aristide was wary of him. Meanwhile, his sister, Ursule and her husband, Mouret, were happy running their business. Ursule died in and Mouret later killed himself. He would watch over her when she had one of her fits.

    He read Rousseau and considered himself a Republican. At the beginning of Fine died.

    A month later Gervaise ran off to Paris with Lantier and her two children, Jean soon followed. He half-heartedly started making his baskets again. Once the uprisings started in nearby towns after the coup Antoine saw his chance. He joined a group in the main square in Plassans and persuaded them to go to the Rougons house as they were enemies of the Republic. They confronted the mayor and commander but quickly overcame them.

    As the insurgents were preparing to leave town Antoine persuaded them to leave him twenty men with which he could try to control Plassans. By daybreak Miette is exhausted. Miette was nine when her father was tried for murder. Her aunt died when Miette was eleven. They would tease her about her father. They eventually spoke and got to know each other.