Putting on the Armor of God - A Seven Day Devotional

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What Do We Need Armor for, Anyway?

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The Armor Of God: A 7 Day Devotional | Patti Burris

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Full Spiritual Armor

This teaching is in simple language, and without pictures it would be difficult to understand. Thank you once again for excellently presenting the armor of God, a great help in Bible study.

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  2. Daily Devotional // Ephesians 6:1-24;
  3. The Armor of God - What It Is and How to Use It!.
  4. Bertolt Brechts Die heilige Johanna der Schlachthöfe (German Edition);

Rated this article:. SS Sandra Spencer Jun 7, He has always been there for me through it all, when it seemed like I couldn't make it, God has always been there. There was a time when I couldn't walk because Satan had me down. I'd cry every night, my legs would hurt, the neighbors would hear me and wonder what was going on.

My mom and sister would pray and say these words to me. I began to pray to God and He healed me. Now I can walk. SG Susi Grant Dec 8, I liked 8, the prayer. This will be our theme for our ladies retreat this spring. Thank you so much.

Aug 29, Biblical and thorough in it's description. Good graphics to support and compliment this teaching. Provides a clear and easy understanding to allow practical application for ppl of all stages, ages, and comprehension. Thank you - Well done! FT Franky Toa Sep 26, This explanation of the Armor of God has been clearly illustrated so that even simple minded understand.

DT Doreen Turner Aug 18, Very helpful when pressed for time to be able to find such powerful steps to Christ. JR Judith Rothell Sep 21, I have a hunger and thirst for the Word that is greater than at any other time. There is so much distraction in our world today. This article reminds me that without the armor, we are helpless. Thank you. HP Hamish Pilbrow Nov 8, This wikiHow article and Ephesians 6; have encouraged me. Depression, self-hatred, and pride are just some of the things I struggle with. Thank you very much, wikiHow! ZC Zita Casey May 29, Eventually, I pulled up through prayer and praying in the spirit.

Receiving your article today from a friend was a confirmation that it was an attack, and prayer was the only way to banish it. LH Lisa Hall Aug 30, This article was extremely insightful, easy to read, and easy to comprehend.