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Then, being a hormonal teenager is a whole new mess of scary. THEN, being a hormonal teenager who has feelings for other teenagers is just so, so much. THEN, being a hormonal teenager who has feelings for other teenagers that are of the same sex… oh gosh.

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Hide me now. Your choices. Your beliefs. It gets better.


Yes, the gay people slogan. It gets worse sometimes i. This is the part where I use the stock market my girlfriend will be very proud as my metaphor to the first few years of coming out. There are valleys, but there are also peaks.

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Good days, with good convos, people telling you they love you, tv shows featuring gay romance, smiles in the shower. The hard days are just hard days within good weeks, good months, and good years. Even on the days when people in your church do everything they possibly can to tell you that they and God and all the religious folk of all the days before do not agree with who you are and how you feel, I am here to tell you that you are, in all the ways, beautiful and special and okay. You just are. Some people never change.

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Some people will never accept you. Like the church is a safe space for them, but not a safe space for you. This is the reality of it. Some people will change. I am living breathing proof of this. I want to you sit with this sentence, and feel it to your core. Just like that. Some people will celebrate you.

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There are more people on this planet than you can even conceive of. Right now, while you are reading this sentence, there were 5 more little people brought into the world. There are so many people. And of those people, some will look at you funny. But guess what? Some will accept you. Some will celebrate you for who you are. Some will love you to your core and back. Hell, some will feel the exact same way you do.

They are gripping to hope, holding their breath at the thought that someone like you exists. I know this to be true. God accepts you. In my eyes, God accepts you.

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A lot of people believe this, too. But many do. And many believe God is nature, or God is Oprah, or God is within you, or God is thing we all made up to make us feel better.

Only you can. No one — me or your friends or your pastor — can tell you this. Believe what you believe. Dig in. Think about what you really believe, regardless of what people say. There is no rush to figure it out.

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  8. In other words, your church is either heading up in health and ministry or you are heading down in sickness, stagnation and death. Where is your church going? Glorifying God is always the goal of our lives. We glorify God by making disciples which is the mission of every believer based on the Great Commission. But evangelism is the main purpose of every church that then leads to disciple making, which glorifies God. Even when you start the disciple making process with one who is unconverted you have as your hope that such a person will convert to Christ. So our purpose for church is evangelism through disciple-making.

    Biblically, evangelism is an active word. It is the going out in order to proclaim the message of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ to the unsaved people of the world. Matthew tells Christians to go, make disciples, baptize, and teach to obey. If there is no going, there are no new disciples to baptize and teach to obey. How is your church actively taking the gospel to others? Paul saw this as his goal in planting churches. How are you doing with this? Can you list ways that each of your ministries are taking the gospel to those who need it?

    Questions to ask your church leaders:. Evaluate where your church is on the bell curve. Are you still excited about what started the dream of planting a church?

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    Is most of the congregation still committed to evangelism and disciple-making? Or has your church peaked, grown stagnant and coasted into a maintenance mode? Is church just doing status quo ministry? Have you begun to slide down? The commitment of convenience is a mark of a dying church.

    Changes need to be made or the death knell of the bell curve will begin to toll.

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    It is time to dream the dream again! That original dream based on the original purposes that got your church started. They must dream again.

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