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Every announcement, if for the apprehension of a person, must be guaranteed by the signature of an officer of not less rank than Superintendent; and, if the name of such person be required to be inserted, and no warrant is in force against him, the requisition must be signed by the chief officer of police, or his immediate deputy, of the county, city, or borough, as the case may be. Announcements concerning stolen property must le guaranteed by an officer of not less rank than Inspector, or analogous thereto. Announcements of all persons to le apprehended or of stolen property bear dnumler, and are alphabetically arranged by counties.

Quips, Quirks, Anecdote and Facete

The force which causes particulars concerning delinquents or stolen property to be inserted, in tie POLICE GAZETTE, must, on their apprehension, or recovery, at once transmit to the Editor notice of the fact, referring to the number of the announcement for insertion in the next issue. Announcements for the Friday issue should be forwarded so as to be received not later than noon on Wednesday, and for the Tuesday edition not later than Saturday morning. They must be clearly written on one side of the paper only, be in the usual form, and accompanied by a covering letter.

James Willing, , Strand, London, the sole Agent, who will furnish the rates on application. Announcements concerning property lost or persons missing can only be accepted at advertisements. Of the " Police Gazette" will be found arranged for easy reference as follows :— a Regulations at top of 1st page. A gentleman farmer ; native of Criccieth. Warrant issued. A canal boatman ; native of Etruria, Staffordshire.

КоллективАвторов. Grantville Gazette 37

Information to Supt. Large, Middlewich. He took lodgings, stating he was going to work on the L. Steam Sheds. Meredith, Nantwich. He tabes apartments at private houses, repre- senting that he is employed by government or the local authority as an inspector or surveyor, and will stay some time in the neighbourhood, but after a few days decamps without paying. Hodgson, Wigton. Sentenced at Stafford, 13th December, , to 5 years penal servitude for burglary.

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Liberated on second license, 10th December, , which expires 22ud Nov. K P Sentenced at Derby County Sessions, 1st January, , to 5 years penal servitude and 5 years police supervi- sion for larceny. Licensed 1st November, K Q Eyre, Alfreton. A native of Belper. Daybell, Langley Mill.

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Supposed native of Glasgow. Jordon, Grays. Speaks with American accent; dress, pepper- and- salt overcoat, dark rough cloth coat and vest, grey mixture trousers, red tie, lace boots. An engine driver ; native of Lancashire. He represents himself as a local Baptist preacher and Good Templar. Information to Head Constable Evans, Neath.

A brick- layer ; rative of Brighton. A private of the South Lancashire Regiment, on furlough till 17th inst. Has in his possession a stolen cheque book on " Cox 6 Co. Is accompanied by Martha Sarah Moss, age 20, height 5 ft. They left Cosham by 6.


He engaged rooms for himself and his brother, representing that he belonged to the Coventry Cycle Company. Information to the Chief Constate, Portsmouth. Ill, black case, gold face and hands, Swiss make, silver chain attached— A MAN, age about 30, height 5 ft. Supposed a native of Bermondsey. H This man frequents workhouses, and is said to be well known at Ormskirk, Wigan, Rishton, and Accrington.

Norris, Chorley. He took lcdgings, stating he was employed by Government to fix telegraph wires, and, after obtaining the money, absconded. Jervis, Ormskirk. A professional pugilist; supposed native of Newcastle- on- Tyne. May be found in boxing saloons or in the company of betting men. Baxendale, Prescot. A native of Yorkshire.

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Information to Chief Constable Buck, Rochdale. A shop assistant. Information to the Chief Constable, Leicester. Is fond of golf, and carried a bundle of golf sticks. Received news- papers from Preston. Stated he came from Becken- ham. Is likely to stay at a good hotel. A native of Altona, Hamburg. Is well educated, and.

Has been employed as a photo- grapher's canvasser and for an insurance company. He left London on 26th ult. He has a brother in Chicago, and may endeavour to go to America. Sentenced at Swansea, 7th March, , to 7 years penal servitude and remanet of former sentence for larceny. Licensed 18th October, Sentence expires 27th June, Information to the Head Constable of Newport. Carried a dark hand- bag covered with American cloth, and a small port- manteau covered with imitation leather.

The Society Of Saint Philip Of The Screwdriver Gazette Singles

A stone- mason ; native of Barnstaple. He takes lodgings, stating that he is employed by some firm in the neighbourhood, and after stealing any articles of value he can find, absconds. Photograph will be forwarded on application. Lovick, North Walsham. Is accompanied by his wife, age 20, who sometimes passes as his daughter. Was seen nt Mendham, Suffolk, on 9th inst. A painter and sign- writer; native of Belfast. Alexander, Wellingborough. Sorby" thereon; 1 brick hammer, round handle, blade re- steeled; 1 spirit level, 8 in. Supposed tramping bricklayers from Lancashire, to which county they are supposed to be returning.

Information to Chief Constable Challen, Newark. She represents herself as the sister of a clergy- man, and is desirous of placing three orphan young ladies in a good middle- class school. Supposed identical with the woman described in Case No. Information to Inspector Hope, Caversham.

A butcher; native of Kidder- minster. Has worked at Birmingham and Bridge- north. Sutton, Chipping Norton. A native of Calne, Wiltshire. Cooke, Witney. He represented himself as a Government surveyor, and took lodgings for himself and two other men. Is identical with the man described in Cases Nos.

Langford, Oswestry. Stated he was agent in advance for " White's " minstrels.


Edwards, Whitchurch. A native of London. He travels the country on a tricycle, and fixes enamelled letters on tradesmen's windows.