This is your Brain on Shamrocks 2: 50 Shades o Green

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A recent trip to the Dollar Store had secured some giant, sparkly shamrocks. That, along with our jewel supply, made for plenty of decorations. Assorted small boxes Green paint Green decorations — paper, cardstock, foam shamrocks, green jewels Multi-colored pipe cleaners Tape Glue stick.

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I cut off the tops and back of the boxes, then glued the two smaller granola bar boxes to the sides of the shoe box with hot glue to form the castle structure. I cut castle teeth along the top, then turned it over to Big M to decorate. She started by painting it all green.

We let the castle dry, and after quiet time, it was ready to embellish! I handed Big M a handful of multi-colored jewels and told her to sort out the emerald-colored ones. This is one of her new words this week, learned from reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! She glued on jewels, big sparkly shamrocks, and some little ones from our punching activity in the morning. Then, she informed me, it needed a door. So I used an X-Acto knife to cut a drawbridge style door. She glued some green paint chips to it to create a walkway.

Last, she said it needed a rainbow, which I helped her create with some multi-colored pipe cleaners that we taped down to the inside of the top of the castle. What are your favorite Wizard of Oz activities? Share them with our readers in the comments below, and we will share them on our Facebook page and pin them to our Read! Great post!

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My favourite part though is how you kept the littler one entertained, yet involved by adapting your activity to suit. We often do that around here…. Wonderful idea! This is such a fun activity! Barrymore Tithe Victory, The. There was a poor man and he had but one cow The Parson had seized her and well he knew how, So beauteous her horns and sleek Beer Beer Beer. A long time ago, way back in history, when all there was to drink was nothin but cups of tea. Along came a man by the name o Belfast Brigade. Bewitchin' Brenda.

Fifty Shades of Green

I met the girl I love before church on an august day. I'd like to say she was heaven sent, and for me did kneel and pray. Author: D. Big Fellah, The. Mo chara is mo lao thu!

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Birmingham Six. There were six men in Birmingham In Guildford there's four That were picked up and tortured And framed by the law And the fi Black ' Everything is still Not a chicken not a body Just an awful sickenin' silence roarin' in my ears And the fog of death deepens Black And Tan Gun, The.

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It was down in the town of old Bantry, Where most of the fighting was done, It was there that a young Irish soldier, Was shot Black Cavalry, The. Black is the Color. Author: Christy Moore. Black Rose. Black Velvet Band, The. Well, in a neat little town they call Belfast, apprentice to trade I was bound Many an hours sweet happiness, have I spent in t Black Watch, The.

This Is Your Brain On Shamrocks 2: 50 Shades o' Green

You've heard about the B-men, the cruel RUC You've heard about the black'n'tans in bygone history Well there's another regimen Blantyre Explosion. By Clide's bonnie banks as I sadly did wander among the pit heaps as evening grew high.

I spied a young maiden all dressed Blarismoor Tragedy, The. Oh, Lord! Grant me direction To sing this foul transaction Which causes sad reflection Late done at Blarismoor. By wicke Now that she's so far away from her dear old hills of Donegal I wonder does she ever think of me at all On that wet Monday I d Blood all on the grass. Authors: Sue Neaves , Stefan Arndt. Blood Red Roses. Our boots and clothes are all in pawn Go down, you blood red roses, Go down It's mighty drafty 'round Cape Horn Go down, you Blood Wedding.

Blow Ye Winds. Blow ye winds, hi ho, aroving I will go I'll stay no more 'round England's shore, so let the music play I'll be off on the mor Author: Sarah Makem. Blue Bird, The. The lake lay Blue, below the hill. As I looked, there flew across the water cold and still, a bird, Whose wings were pales Author: Charles Villiers Stanford.

Blue Heaven. Alligators snap at your ankles And branches snap at your brain If I ever get through this swamp alive I'll never more pray fo Authors: Philip Chevron , Darryl Hunt. Bobby Sands MP. Bold Belfast Shoemaker, The. Come all you true born Irishmen wherever you may be I hope you'll pay attention and listen unto me I am a bold shoemaker, Sa Bold Black And Tan, The. Says Lloyd-George to Macpherson, "l give you the sack, To uphold law and order you haven't the knack, I'll send over Greenwo Bold Fenian Men, The.

See who comes over the red blossomed heather Their green banners kissing the pure mountain air Heads erect eyes front, steppin Bold O'Donahue. Well, here I am from Paddys land, the land of high renown I broke the hearts of all the girls four miles from Keady Town And w Bold Robert Emmet.

Stolen Child

Bonfire On The Border, The. Twas on July the twenty-eighth In the year of thirty-seven, A fire was lit without a grate And the flames leaped high to heav Bonnie Dundee. To the Lords o' Convention 'twas Claverhouse spoke E'er the King's crown go down there are crowns to be broke So each cavalier Botany Bay. Farewell to your bricks and mortar, farewell to your dirty lies Farewell to your gangers and gang planks And to hell with your Both Sides The Tweed. What's the spring breathing jasmine and rose What's the summer with all its gay train What's the splendour of autumn to those Author: Dick Gaughan.

At Boulavogue as the sun was setting on the bright May meadows of Shelmaliar A rebel hand set the heather blazing and brought t Author: Patrick Joseph McCall. Boys From The County Hell. On the first day of March it was raining It was raining worse than anything that I have ever seen I drank ten pints of beer an Boys Of Kilmichael, The. On the twentieth day of November, The day that the tans left Macroom. They were loaded in two Crossley tenders Not knowing th Boys Of Mullachbawn, The. On a Monday morning early As my wand'ring steps did lead me, Down by a farmer's station, Of meadow and green lawn, I hea Boys of the Old Brigade, The.

Boys Of Wexford, The. In comes the captain's daughter, the captain of the Yeos, Saying, "Brave United man, we'll ne'er again be foes. A thousand pou Author: R. Brave Tom Williams. Time goes by and years roll onward, Still a memory I shall keep Of a night in Belfast prison; Unashamedly, I saw men weep Brawl of Britannia, The. Let me tell you a story of when men were still men It was the brawl of Britannia eighteen hundred and ten From the northern hi Author: Rune Larsen. Brennan On The Moor. Author: Alan Stivell. Bring Them Home. In the jail that held Mc Swiney In the prison where he died Lies two daughters of old Ireland And they fill my heart with pri British Army, The.

Broad Black Brimmer, The. There's an uniform that's hanging in what's known as father's room An uniform so simple in his style It has no braid of gold o Author: Noel Nagle. Brothers In Arms. These mist-covered mountains Are home now for me But my home is the lowlands And always will be Someday you'll return to Y Author: Mark Knopfler. Burke's Dream. Sadly but slowly one night in November I laid down my weary head for to repose On my pillow of straw which I long shall reme Author: James Conway. But all the girls. Butcher Boy, The. In London city where I did dwell, a butcher boy I loved right well He courted me my life away, but now with me he will not stay By Peter Kerrivan.

The British Navy they come Author: Hugh Scott. Bye Bye Rangers. Yo ho ho, off we go What do you know, it's nine in a row Bye bye Rangers Celtic's on the ball again, on the way to make it te Cahir O'Doherty. Author: Clannad.